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 Love Yourself Unconditionally!

 Acknowledge And Recognize That You Deserve Respect!



The Camp S.W.A.G. “Girls Are Phenomenal” Workshops and Assemblies discuss topics that are of concern to older elementary school, middle school and high school girls. These interactive activity-based programs address the challenges that girls face everyday. Participants are allowed ask questions in a safe, non-judgmental, GIRLS-ONLY environment, that is conducive to educating, informing and mentoring girls on topics that may difficult for them to talk about with their family members or friends.

Assemblies and Workshops are offered to community groups, youth organizations and schools. The sessions are designed to educate, inform, mentor and enlighten girls from 3rd – 12th grade. All program administrators are well-trained staff, mentors and professionals.


Real Beauty


Promote Positive Body Image – We will discuss and explain why it is so important for girls to love their bodies.

What is Beauty? – We will discuss the media’s definition of beauty and how it affects the everyday lives of girls. Girls will come to their own conclusions of real beauty and discover why they are beautiful and phenomenal.

Social Media How to use social media platforms – The girls will explore the causes and effects of positive and negative communication via social media platforms and why it is important to use social media responsibly.
 Healthy Friendship & Relationships


Look at abusive and respectful relationships – Girls will learn the difference between abusive and respectful relationship. The will be given age appropriate examples of abusive relationships and why they are unhealthy.

How to be a good friend – Girls will discuss the parameters of good friendships, bad friendships and why friendship is important.

Self-Esteem What is self-esteem and why it is important – Girls will discuss the true definition of self-esteem, self-love and what it means to be phenomenal and why they are phenomenal.

We teach others how to treat us – We will discuss why it is important to acknowledge and recognize that each and every one of us deserves respect.

Effective Communication How to communicate with positive results – The girls will explore positive and effective communication. The will discuss the ways to ensure their true voice is heard and respected.
Stress Management Being organized and prepared – The girls will explore the importance of being organized and prepared is one of lives most important tools to help prevent or alleviate stress. Time management and relaxation methods will be explored.
Eating & Living Healthy Clear confusing on eating healthy – Developing healthy eating habits, which foods to increase in your diet and which foods to limit to help feel girls healthy, happy and phenomenal.


“Girls Are Phenomenal” Assemblies – $500 

  • Assemblies last from 45-90 minutes depending upon your needs and can accommodate from 55 to 450 girls. Programs information can be customized to meet your school or organizations goals. Contact us for more information.

“Girls Are Phenomenal” Workshops – $400 

  • Workshops last from 45-90 minutes depending upon your needs and can accommodate from 15 to 50 girls. Programs information can be customized to meet your school or organizations goals. Contact us for more information.

Travel expenses may me incurred, contact us for details at (833) 226-7792 or email us at Girls Are Phenomenal.

School or Organization Requirements:

  • The minimum number of girls must be met for the assembly and workshop
  • Provide a private space/room for assembly or workshop
  • Please let us know within one week of any cancellations, changes in dates, etc.
  • No refunds provided within one week, your will be issued a credit toward another date

If you have any questions, please give Sherry Pulcher a call at (833) 226-7792.

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