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Being a leader is all about making a difference in the lives of others!


The Camp S.W.A.G. Youth Leadership Program is open to all middle and high school students aged 13-19 years of age.

This 12-month CSWAG Youth Leadership Program is a membership program designed to encourage its members to make a difference in their community by fostering respect, independence, mutual understanding, civic engagement among their peers and building strong long-lasting relationships. Members will gain a better understanding of who they are, who they aspire to be, what they have to offer no matter what profession they decide to purse.

The CSWAG Youth Leadership Program provides a safe non-judgmental and caring environment where members can come together and explore what leadership is and looks like their community. The program is designed to spark imagination and creativity, promote honest and clear communication, develop complex listening skills, and collaborative thinking.

The CSWAG Youth Leadership Program is focused on empowering tomorrows leaders, by providing the following programs, workshops, resources and events that promote leadership skills:

  • Free One-Week Resident Leadership Camp
  • Free Magic Mountain Field Trip
  • Free Local Field Trips (to be scheduled)
  • Free Lunch during Meetings
  • One Free Ticket to “Girls Are Phenomenal” Expo
  • Paid Internships for some events (There are a limited number of internships, so a lottery will be held for these positions)
  • 2.5-3 hour Bi-Monthly Leadership Meetings
  • Networking Skills
  • Volunteer Community Service Projects
  • Youth Development Activities
  • Leadership Interactive Activities
  • Participate in Organized Meetings with Community Leaders
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Persuasive Communication Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Self-Esteem Building Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Become CSWAG Ambassadors for the Leadership Program
  • Become a Leadership Program Advisor and Mentor to Elementary and/or Middle School Students
  • In-State Field Trips (Additional fees may apply)
  • Out-of-State Field Trips (Additional fees apply)
  • Out of Country Field Trips (Additional fees apply)
  • Conduct and Facilitate Fundraisers to Pay for Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • And Much More…

All Youth Leadership Program Members are entitled to CSWAG Membership Privileges. Please visit CSWAG Membership to learn more.

Youth Leadership Program Dates & Location

January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018
Saturday afternoons from 3:00 pm – 6:00pm

Orientation is January 5, 2018 from 3:00 am – 6:00 pm

LOCATIONSanta Monica, CA (26th & Santa Monica Blvd.) & Pan Pacific Park to accommodate some of our outdoor group activities. At the Youth Leadership Program interview, you will be given complete address and specific locations of all meetings. Youth Leadership Graduation: January 5, 2019

Camp S.W.A.G. t-shirts or hoodies must be worn at all program off-site meetings.

If you are interested in the Youth Leadership Program in your area, please give Lisa a call at (424) 354-9196.

Resident Camp

Cost: Free to all Youth Leadership Program Members
When:  One week in August of 2018 (Date and location TBD)

While Resident Leadership Camp is FREE to all CSWAG Youth Leadership Program members, you MUST register and submit all required medical forms.

Cost and Fees

Cost:  $3,000.00 for 12-month program, plus a $175 one-time non-refundable application and processing fee.

There are a limited number of Financial Need Based Scholarships available. If you need financial assistance, please visit Camp S.W.A.G. Financial Assistance.


Complete the Online Youth Leadership Program Application or download the Youth Leadership Application and visit Camp S.W.A.G. Payments, select “Youth Leadership Program“to make your full online payment of $3,175.00 (inclusive of the $175 one-time non-refundable application and processing fee). Submit complete application via email to Membership.

Youth Leadership Program Registration


Complete the Online Youth Leadership Program Application or download the Youth Leadership Application and visit Camp S.W.A.G. Payments, select “Youth Leadership Program (Payment Plan)” to make your first online payment of $675. Submit complete application via email to Membership. Membership is not complete until all fees are paid in full.

Payment Plan Schedule:

    • 1st Payment – $675.00 ($500.00 plus one-time non-refundable processing and application fee of $175)
    • 2nd Payment – $500.00 (30-days from initial payment date)
    • 3rd Payment – $500.00 (60-days from initial payment date)
    • 4th Payment – $500.00 (90-days from initial payment date)
    • 5th Payment – $500.00 (120-days from initial payment date)
    • 6th Payment – $500.00 (150-days from initial payment date)

Youth Leadership Program Registration

If you require alternate payment arrangements or have questions about the program, please give Dorothy Lenon a call at (424) 354-9196.

Program Application Process:

      1. Complete the Online Youth Leadership Program Application or download the
        Youth Leadership Application.
      2. Complete, sign and return the following forms:
        Recommendation Form
        Photo Release Form
      3. Official School Transcripts (Please bring sealed official transcripts to orientation)
      4. Forms can be submitted via email to Membership.
      5. All Leadership Program Members must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA a copy of official transcript is required.
      6. Once all forms, official transcripts and payments have been received, you will immediately receive email confirmation of your registration. We will contact you with 24-48 to schedule a brief telephone interview.

To make your online payment, please visit Youth Leadership Program Payments.


Youth Leadership Program Registration

Once you have completed the application and remitted payment, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours to schedule a telephone interview with a CSWAG Youth Leadership Program Advisor. Your child will not be allowed membership without membership payments and fees and completed forms.

If you have any questions, please contact CSWAG via email at Membership or give Dorothy Lenon a call at (424) 354-9196 for more details.

Volunteer Youth Leadership Program Ambassadors

Camp S.W.A.G. is looking for five Volunteer Youth Leadership Program Ambassadors to help promote the program. All volunteers will receive free admission to the program when you recruit two full paying members. If you are an adult ambassador, you will be allowed to sponsor one teen for the Youth Leadership Program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (424) 354-9196.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Youth Leadership Program Ambassador, please complete the volunteer form below:

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