Art Class Policies

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Late Pick

A $25 late pickup charge will be assessed for any child that is not picked up immediately after all the Abstract Painting Class. If you are running late, please extend the courtesy of a phone call to us. Please allow yourself enough time, and plan accordingly for the traffic.

Participant Sign Out

You must sign your participant out each day. Legal guardians and other individuals listed on the Participant Registration Form as an authorized pick-up person must sign out the participant every day. A photo ID may be requested by Camp S.W.A.G. staff and volunteers at any time to verify a person’s identity even if the person is a parent/legal guardian. Any person listed as a parent/guardian on the registration form may add or remove additional person(s) to the authorized pick up list. Parents/guardians should inform anyone picking up a participant they will be required to show a photo identification card. Participants will not be released without proper photo identification.

Behavior Management

We utilize and encourage the practice of praise and positive reinforcement as effective methods of behavior management. We believe that when participants receive positive and understanding interactions, they can develop good self-concept, problem-solving abilities, and self-discipline. Camp S.W.A.G. supports and practices the following procedures for behavior problems:

  1. Initially, participants will be given a quiet reprimand/verbal warning.
  2. If behavior persists after verbal warning, a Behavior Action Plan will be implemented to identify specific behaviors and work with the participant and parent/guardian to develop appropriate behavior management solutions.
  3. If behavior problems continue after implementation of the Behavior Action Plan, a first Incident Report will be presented to the parent/guardian.
  4. Additional behavior problems will constitute a second Incident Report presented to the parent/guardian and a possible suspension of two full days from the Camp S.W.A.G. program may occur. (No refunds will be given for the days suspended.) The parent/guardian may be requested to pick up the participant within 45 minutes of the initial contact to the parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian does not pick up the participant/camper within 45 minutes, a late fee may be charged.
  5. If a behavior problem persists, a third Incident Report will be presented and the participant/camper may be asked to leave the Camp S.W.A.G. Art Program. A suspension of one full days will be issued to the participant while the Incident Reports are being reviewed.
  6. For severe offenses, such as but not limited to fighting/ hitting, theft, vandalism, bullying, possession of weapons or drugs, severe verbal threats, sexual misconduct, or any other safety related behavior, the participant may be suspended or dismissed from the Camp S.W.A.G. Art Program immediately. Any of the above mentioned behaviors may result in immediate suspension or expulsion from Camp S.W.A.G. Art Program.
  7. Participants will not be disciplined in art class for behavior that occurred outside of art class hours, even at parental requests.
  8. Participation in art class during Camp S.W.A.G. Art Program hours is required.


 Any participant should remain home from all art classes if they have had any of the following in the past twenty-four (24) hours:

  • Contagious conditions (i.e. fever  100 degrees or higher without fever-reducing medication, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, undiagnosed rash, chicken pox, pink eye, ringworm, head lice, or any other potentially contagious condition .)
  • Physical injury that does not allow the participant/camper to safely participate in the camp program.

If a participant demonstrates any of the above while in art class, the parent/guardian will have to pick up the participant/camper from the class location immediately. If the participantr becomes sick while in art class, he/she will be separated from the other participants while the parent/guardian is called to come and pick them up.

After 24 hours, if the participant/camper is symptom free or written documentation has been received from a doctor stating the participant is not contagious or can safely participate, they may return to camp. If you suspect that your participant has a contagious condition that may be spread to others, please notify your camp director as soon as possible.

Please do not bring the participant/camper back to camp until the camp director has been contacted.


Camp S.W.A.G. staff will not discuss confidential matters or personal information with anyone outside of the Camp S.W.A.G. appropriate staff or with unauthorized individuals. All participants/campers are encouraged to respect the confidentiality of other participants/campers by not disclosing personal information with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Camp S.W.A.G. staff are not permitted to share personal information about or images of any participants or staff through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, or discuss any personal information about participants outside of the workplace.

Photography/Video Waiver

Camp S.W.A.G may capture pictures or video clips of art program participants while involved in its art programs. Should that occur, these items will be used by Camp S.W.A.G. for marketing and promotion, staff/volunteer training, and program activities. Participants names will not be published when photo or video clips are used. Camp S.W.A.G. program areas are permitted to have social media sites. These sites are controlled by Camp S.W.A.G staff.

Waitlists Notification

If your art student clears the waitlist, you will be notified by telephone or email. You will have 24 hours to accept and remit payment for the requested program. Your acceptance must be confirmed in writing, and if notification is not received within 24 hours, you will forfeit your participant’s/camper’s placement.

Lost/Stolen Items

Camp S.W.A.G. is not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen at Camp S.W.A.G. programs.


Camp S.W.A.G. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability in employment opportunities or the provision of services, programs or activities. A participant alleging discrimination on the basis of any of the aforementioned areas should contact Camp S.W.A.G. officials immediately.

Cancellation Policy

If a cancellation is necessary, payments are refundable if written notice is received prior to 20 days prior to your registered Camp S.W.A.G. Art Class. No refund will be given for cancellations after that time for your registered Camp S.W.A.G. Art Class. Any cancellation made after the 20 days prior to your registered Camp S.W.A.G. Art Class will provide a tuition credit towards another art class within one year. That credit is only available for one year, and can be transferred to a sibling, but not to another family or art student. There are no refunds for late arrival, early departure or disciplinary dismissal from art classes.

If for some reason art class has to be canceled or is full and your child is unable to attend, you will be provided a full refund with 45 days of the registered art class.

Refund Policy

  • All refund requests must be received in writing by 20 days prior to your registered Camp S.W.A.G. Art Class. Requests can also be emailed to or mailed to Camp S.W.A.G., P. O. Box 3392, Cary, NC 27519.
  • 100% refund/credit/transfer if Camp S.W.A.G. cancels program. Transfers can only be transferred to a sibling.
  • Refund/credit/transfer received 20 days prior to your registered S.W.A.G. Art Class will not be granted.
  • A credit my be used by another family member on the same registration account.
  • Non-attendance/Non-participation in a program or activity does not entitle a patron to a refund.
  • Refunds for medical reasons requested prior to the start date of a Camp S.W.A.G. Art Class will be granted at 100% and are subject to verification.