After-School Group Mentoring Program

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Mentoring Photo“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

 After-School Group Mentoring Program

Camp S.W.A.G. is proud to offer a group mentorship after-school program to help students recognize, develop and implement a plan to pursue their ambitions and goals whether they are attending the college of their dreams, connecting with other youth in the program sharing their thoughts, skills to building lasting relations with their peers, discovering new skills or solidifying future goals. We want to help students develop a strong work ethic by building strong self-esteem.

Our group mentoring program is designed to assist youth with enduring the challenges of being adolescence and to prepare them for adulthood via coordinated, progressive series of experiences and activities that will help them become emotionally, morally, socially, physically and cognitively competent individuals.

To ensure that adolescents develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, their communities and the environment the mentee(s) and the mentor(s) meet weekly or twice per weekly after school for one hour and a half. Camp S.W.A.G. Mentoring Program’s core goal is to provide meaningful ongoing relationships that expose adolescents to important social, educational and cultural opportunities that foster positive behavior and improve self-esteem.

Group mentoring involves one adult mentor forming a relationship with a group of up to ten young mentees. The mentor will assume the role of leader and will make a commitment to meet regularly with the group for one semester or the entire school year. These meeting interactions will be session structured, which includes personal sharing, group activities and guidance and/or teaching sessions, self-esteem building activities and leadership activities. Speakers will be available and group field trips will be scheduled.

No cell phones are allowed. This program is designed to get students to interact and socialize with one another.

Program Highlights

  • Group Discussions
  • Self-Esteem Building Activities
  • Leadership Activities
  • Speakers
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Snacks will be provided
  • Group Tutoring
  • Group field trips

You have the following options:

  • Girls Group Mentoring Program
  • Boys Group Mentoring Program
  • Co-Ed Youth Group Mentoring Program


If you are a parent interested in getting the Camp S.W.A.G.Group Mentoring Program up and running at your child’s school or community, please contact your child’s school and give us a call at (424) 354-9196 or email us at After-School Programs.

Group Mentoring After-School Program Request Form


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