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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin


At this time the Camp S.W.A.G. Mentoring Programs are only available to Camp S.W.A.G. Members.

The Camp S.W.A.G. mentorship program helps students recognize, develop and implement a plan to pursue their ambitions and goals whether they are attending the college of their dreams, discovering new skills or solidifying future goals. We want to help teenagers develop a strong work ethic by building strong self-esteem. The mentorship program will focus mainly on: the importance of building strong relationships, the importance of volunteerism, building strong self-esteem, preparing youth for the corporate world (teaching youth how to build strong resumes, interviewing techniques, and professionalism), aiding in academic endeavors, planning/applying for colleges, and time management training. Our mentorship programs matches teens with adult volunteers of similar ethnicity, gender and cultural backgrounds. To ensure that adolescent girls and boys develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, their communities and the environment the mentee(s) and the mentor meet through (one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring or supervised peer-to-peer mentoring sessions) weekly groups, monthly activities and the mentoring relationship. Camp S.W.A.G. Mentoring Program’s core goal is to provide meaningful ongoing relationships that expose adolescents to important social, educational and cultural opportunities that foster positive behavior and improve self-esteem.

We firmly believe in helping the world’s youth so that they can create their own tomorrow, we simply wish to be a conduit and facilitator; to watch these students grow and fulfill their dreams.

This mentorship program is based on two principles: success and constant contact. While the principle of success may seem to be a general goal for defining a mentorship program, it is important to recognize the fact that no student is the same and each has their own goals and ambitions. We are here to help provide students with the tools and the knowledge they will need to fulfill them. The second principle of constant contact is crucial in this process, as it helps keep students focused, both mentor and student involved, and facilitates the tracking of progress.

Furthermore, this program will stress the importance of flexibility. Exposing students to various environments proves beneficial during the mentorship process. Therefore, public meet-up locations will vary but will be determined by the convenience of the student. We offer one-on-one mentoring, after-school group mentoring (which is one adult to ten mentees) and adult supported and supervised peer-to-peer mentoring.


One-to-one mentoring involves one adult in a mentoring relationship with one youth. The mentor (adult) and the mentee (youth) will meet regularly at least one to four hours per month for one year in either a library, community center or other public place. There will be field trips and other activities.


Group mentoring involves one adult mentor forming a relationship with a group of up to ten young mentees. The mentor will assume the role of leader and will make a commitment to meet regularly with the group over a period of time. These meetings interactions will be session structured, which includes personal sharing, group activities and guidance and/or teaching sessions.

After-School Group Mentoring Program

For the After-School Group Mentoring Program, please visit Camp S.W.A.G. Group After-School Mentoring Program for more information.

CSWAG Youth Group Mentoring Program

For the CSWAG Youth Group Mentoring Program, please visit  CSWAG Youth Group Mentoring Program for more information.

Throughout the year, we do host free group mentoring seminars. Please contact us at (919) 443-5866 to learn more.

Youth Group Mentoring Program


Peer mentoring provides an opportunity for a caring high school teenager to help develop a guiding, teaching relationship with a younger person (mentee). These activities will be curriculum-based, such as a high school student tutoring an elementary or middle school student in reading or other skill-building activities. The teenage mentors will serve as positive role models that provide a younger student with ongoing support. All peer mentors are supervised my adult mentors.

If you are a high school student between the ages of 16-19 years old and are interested in becoming a peer mentor, please visit the Camp S.W.A.G. Peer Mentoring Program for more information.


To Become a Mentor

Please complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a mentor or if you are interested in becoming a mentee (student requiring mentoring services).

If you have any questions, please give Carl a call at (919) 443-5866 or email Camp S.W.A.G.Mentoring Program .. 


Program Directors

Christopher Coard
Sherry Pulcher

Proud Member of Mentor The National Mentoring Partnership

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