Code of Conduct

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Camp S.W.A.G. has established a Code of Conduct and expects all teens to treat each other with dignity and respect. Specific behaviors that are prohibited include:


Weapons and Other Dangerous Instruments

In order to ensure the health and safety of all teens and staff, Camp S.W.A.G. strictly prohibits guns, other weapons, and alcohol on any property that Camp S.W.A.G. utilizes. Anyone who brings, possesses, or encourages someone else to bring a weapon to any Camp S.W.A.G. sponsored events, functions, etc. will be reported to law enforcement authorities. Weapons (including but not necessarily limited to guns, pistols,; knives of any kind regardless of size; pepper spray; electric shock devices; are prohibited.

Use of Tobacco Products

Teens may not possess, display or use any tobacco product at any time on the premises or while participating in Camp S.W.A.G. sponsored events.

Prohibition of Gangs and Gang Activities

No teen shall commit any act which furthers gangs or gang-related activities. Conduct prohibited includes:

  • Wearing, possessing or displaying or distributing any clothing, jewelry, symbols or other items which may be evidence of membership in any gang;
  • Communicating verbally, or non-verbally to convey membership in a gang
  • Defacing or tagging any facility the Camp S.W.A.G. utilizes or personal property with gang-related symbols or slogans;
  • Soliciting others for gang membership

Computer Misuse

Camp S.W.A.G. staff expects that teens will use computers abiding by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. They may not send or display offensive or vulgar messages or pictures; use obscene language; damage computers or software or use the computer network for commercial purposes.

Teens are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct standards established by the Camp S.W.A.G. staff. Anyone who disrupts Camp S.W.A.G. operations, damages Camp S.W.A.G property or the property that Camp S.W.A.G. uses for the purposes of Camp S.W.A.G.’S events, functions, etc. or poses a risk to other participants, staff, or the facilities which Camp S.W.A.G. utilizes may be asked to leave the property. Camp S.W.A.G. Staff has the authority to prohibit such persons from attending future events or coming on property.

Dress Code

Teens should not wear clothing or other articles of personal appearance which:

  • Clothing that depicts profanity, obscenity or violence
  • Clothing that promotes the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol
  • Clothing that may create a threat to health or safety of others
  • Clothing that is/are associated with intimidation or violence; or
  • Clothing that may be disruptive

The following specific items are also not permitted:

  • Clothing worn to reveal underwear (no sagging).
  • Bare feet, bedroom slippers
  • Hoods, bandannas
  • Pajamas
  • See-through, mesh garments
  • Shirts and shorts shorter than mid-thigh


If a teen’s dress or appearance violates this dress code a Camp S.W.A.G. staff member may require teen to change his/her dress or appearance. The Camp S.W.A.G. staff may make reasonable accommodations to the policy based on a teen’s religious beliefs or medical conditions.

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