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Open Committee Member Volunteer Positions for

Camp S.W.A.G. (Students With Ambitions & Goals)


Camp S.W.A.G. is in the process of recruiting enthusiastic volunteers to serve on our important committees. We’re looking for a few talented and conscientious volunteer committee members to help expand our teen youth organization. If you can contribute one evening a month and have skills or contacts in accounting, publicity, or special-event fundraising.

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on the commitment of our committee volunteers to keep Camp S.W.A.G. operational and strong. Appointments are for one year and begin on January 1st. Committee members may serve up to five years on a committee.

Open Camp S.W.A.G. Volunteer Committee Positions

  • Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Public Relations & Marketing Committee Chair
  • Program Committee Chair

Benefits of volunteering as a Committee Member for Camp S.W.A.G

  • Excellent personal development activity
  • Provides one with opportunity to learn new and exciting things
  • Learn to develop and implement organization strategic and operational plans for a youth organization
  • Working and socializing with other committee members
  • Doing a service for the community
  • Helping to improve the lives of young people

Camp S.W.A.G. Committees and their descriptions:

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is tasked with not just raising money, but the oversight of the organization’s overall fundraising. To accomplish this, the Fundraising Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Work with other Fundraiser Committee Members and the board to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate fundraising vehicles, such as product sales, special events, direct mail, etc.
  • Work with other Fundraiser Committee Members and the board in efforts to raise money on a consistent basis to keep teen programs up and running.
  • To take the lead on certain outreach programs, such as hosting fundraising parties, chairing a dinner/dance committee, etc.
  • To monitor fundraising efforts to ensure ethical practices are in place and implemented, that all fundraising efforts are cost-effective, and that donors and volunteers are acknowledged in appropriately and in a timely manner.

Volunteer Committee Responsibilities:

  • Identifying and organizing opportunities for youth and adults to engage in meaningful volunteer activities for Camp S.W.A.G.
  • Assisting with recruitment of volunteers during all special events, ongoing programs and campaigns, and ad hoc committees
  • Identifying at least three volunteer events per month
  • Send event specifics to participating volunteers prior to events
  • Confirm dates, times, and the number of volunteers with the board
  • Attend all events, if possible, and manage the volunteers
  • Send thank you letters, card, emails or notes to all participating volunteers
  • Solicit feedback from volunteers
  • Partner with the Camp S.W.A.G. staff as necessary

Program Committee

A Program Committee is usually composed of board members that are very familiar with the operations of Camp S.W.A.G.

  • To oversee new program development, monitor the progress of programs, and review programs that are already in existence.
  • Generate discussions about the priorities of the program.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

This committee will oversee the following:

  • Development and implementation of all Marketing Plans, inclusive of identifying potential markets, their needs and how to meet the needs of these potential markets with Camp S.W.A.G. products, programs and services and how to promote and sell the programs and services.
  • Positively represent Camp S.W.A.G. to the community and enhance the organization’s image via communications with the press and any other media outlets.

 Temporary “ad hoc” Committee

At times there is a need to assemble a committee on a temporary basis to address a specific issue, such as a single event or an issue that may arise. These committees are called ad hoc committees and they may meet for just a few months to accomplish their specific purpose and then they are disband when the objective or task is completed. These tasks may include the following:

  • Special Event Committee: This temporary committee will coordinate the board’s assignments for a particular event or project, such as a talent show, fundraising dinner, etc.
  • Planning Committee: This temporary committee will led a strategic planning venture that is led by the board and may consist of board members.
  • Special Issue Committee: This temporary committee will be formed to address and investigate any unusual problems or opportunities that may arise, which may include negative publicity.

Open Camp S.W.A.G. Volunteer Committee Positions

  • Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Public Relations & Marketing Committee Chair
  • Program Committee Chair

More committees will be added as needs arise. Thank you for your interest in supporting Camp S.W.A.G.

If you are interested in becoming a CSWAG Committee Volunteer, please use the contact form below or you may complete the CSWAG Volunteer Committee Member Application and email to or mail to the following address:

Camp S.W.A.G. (Students With Ambitions & Goals)
Attn: Volunteer Committee Chair
P.O. Box 3392
Cary, NC 27519

Or give LeonClaude a call at (919) 443-5866 to find out more about whether this volunteer opportunity is right for you.

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